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Frequently Asked Questions



How is able to offer such high-quality model ships?  


All our model ships are built from our family artisans who have specialized in the ancient art of wood crafting for generations to make the highest quality model ships available. The models you see here are the result of many rounds of changes and upgrades so that they duplicate the look and feel of the original ships.

 Q: How do we build our models?  
  We scratch-build our models using the plank on frame construction method. Our models are not constructed from a pre-made, pre-measured, mass-marketed, mass-produced model kit.  
       Details of our models:  
     · Lines and ratlines consist of hundreds of hand-tied knots  
     · Individual pieces of wood are bent and shaped to make the hull  
     · Masts hand-shaped  
     · Canvass sails that are masterfully stitched  
     · Significant amount of deck detail  


What type of wood do you use?  
  We used the highest quality woods available. Our models are primarily made from light ebony, rosewood and blackwood.  


Who makes our ships?  

Our model ships are built by master artisans with over 30 years of experience in ship crafting and generations of experience in wood crafting. We have a master craftsman oversee their work to ensure quality control. In building these ships, our artisans have done extensive research using various sources such as museums, old drawings, copies of original plans and photos.



How long does each model ship take to make?  
  Our artisans have considerable experience in making these models and therefore it only takes them from 150 to 500 hours per model (varies by model).  


Are your models currently in stock?  
  All our models are in stock and are available for immediate shipping. You will not have to wait to have your model built. However, due to the rare nature and long construction time, our supply is very limited.  


Are there discounts if I order more than one ship?  
  Yes, we can offer significant discounts if multiple ships are ordered. Please email us for more information about our wholesale prices (based on availability).  


Will I receive my ship fully assembled?  


 Yes, there is no assembly whatsoever. Just take out of the box and display.  


How can I be sure that I will receive my ship undamaged?  


We have spent a lot of time and money in designing the ideal packaging for these works of art. Each container is double-boxed, with additional padding and internal supports for structural strength. The ship is secured to a base board so that it will not move during shipping.




How long do they take to arrive?  

We ship using UPS and DHL GROUND SERVICE so expect to receive your model from 4 to 7 business days after we receive your order. Express and Next Day air service is available, e-mail us for a quote.



What if my model is damaged when I receive it?  

Full insurance is AVAILABLE, $10 for each model. 



What if I am unhappy or unsatisfied when I receive my ship?

At your satisfaction is our primary concern. We will work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your transaction. To date we have had no unsatisfied customers.



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