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Model Ships GalleryMUSEUM QUALITY

Welcome to atAlto,  specializing in pre-built museum quality wooden ship models!
We do not build from kits!
No assembly required!

H.M.S. Bounty
Scale: 1:50
Dimensions: 32" (L) x 11" (W) x 28" (H)
Retail Price: $1099+Tax
Now US $499 Free Shipping

This is an exquisite 1:50 scale model of the 'HMS Bounty', with details including bound masts, yards with stunt's booms and foot ropes, carved full sails running and standing rigging with carved scale blocks, dolphin-striker, safety nets, carved fiddle-end prow with coat-of-arms, anchor with chains and hawse pipes, catheads, bitts, stove pipe, sail winch, belaying rails and pins, companionway, helm and tiller, ship's bell and other details. The planked hull with open gun ports with metal guns, pressed stern and quarter gallery decoration boarding companionway.

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Details of the Model:
*Authentic replica with accurate scaled measurements
*Individual hull planks bent and shaped
*Iron-alloy cannons and anchor
*High quality woods including teak, black wood, rosewood and light ebony
*Light canvas and rigging (lightly waxed)
*Magnificently handcrafted deck details and superb hand carvings on stern
*Silk flags

Meticulously crafted figurehead and head rails in quality metal material, size scale and color all according to the historical ship.  Stern windows and taffrail decoration are sculptured with excessive attention to detail and all with first class craftmanship.  Accurately reflect the beauty of the original  HMS Victory!

Display and Protect your H.M.S. Bounty:

This beautiful high quality rosewood display case fits for the 32 inch H.M.S. Bounty model. Let your model show more great looking and prevent dust and dirt from damaging this fabulous artwork. The case is beautifully made from solid rosewood. It comes with a separate base covered with soft navy blue cotton flannel. The display case is shipped to you flat packed and GLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED! Assembly takes only a few minutes. You can buy either glass or plexi-glass at your local glass store.

Your price for the display case is $199 including insurance shipping in the continental US.

( Individual case retail price is $499, discounted to $199 with model ship purchase )

US $ 199


Professionally packaged 100% secure. The ship is packed in double carton box outside for maximum protection.  

Shipping & Handling:
Free shipping insurance to anywhere within U.S.A. (48 states)
Local pick up is available, sales tax of 8.25% applicable in Texas.
Item is shipped within ONE business day after receiving payment.

*Buyer from HI, AK, PR and other international locations please contact us for shipping information

About 'H.M.S. Bounty':

HMS Bounty sailed from Spithead, England on December 23, 1787 with Captain William Bligh and a crew of 45 men bound for Tahiti.  Their mission was to collect breadfruit plants to be transplanted in the West Indies as cheap food for the slaves.  After collecting those plants, Bounty was underway toward home, when, on the morning of April 28, 1789, Fletcher Christian and part of the crew mutinied, took over the ship, and set the Captain and 18 members of the crew adrift in the ship’s 23-foot launch. The Captain sailed the launch and 17 of the crew 3618 miles back to civilization. The mutineers took HMS Bounty back to Tahiti, and, with 6 Polynesian men and 12 women, took the ship to the isolated site at Pitcairn Island. After burning the ship and a violent beginning, they established a settlement and colony on Pitcairn Island that still exists.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the model, we guarantee exchange or refund -- just to show how confident we are of our product!

Retail Price: $1099+Tax

Your price is $499 Free shipping & insurance to anywhere within U.S.A. (48 states)

*Buyer from HI, AK, PR and other international locations please contact us for shipping information

Tel: 713-4808091 or Email: alto@sbcglobal.net

US $499 Free Shipping


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